Tech analysis: How Newey has refined Red Bull’s car

A recent setback at Silverstone aside, Red Bull has clearly made progress in terms of relative pace since its muted start to 2017. But what exactly has been refined in the RB13’s design since Adrian Newey ramped up his involvement? In the opening few races of the 2017 Formula 1 season, the RB13 was not where a team of Red Bull’s standing would expect to be, given what many would… Read Article →

Pirelli says cause of Vettel’s puncture may never be found

The original cause of the slow puncture that led to Sebastian Vettel’s tyre failure at the British Grand Prix may never be discovered, with Pirelli’s investigations this week having failed to uncover a definitive answer. Vettel hit trouble two laps from home at Silverstone last weekend when his front left tyre deflated on the run down to Brooklands – before he was pitched off the track at Luffield. He was… Read Article →